FBLA-Middle Level Chapter Management Handbook

This comprehensive guide to managing an FBLA-Middle Level chapter is designed to help advisers run all aspects of their chapter with confidence. Advisers receive an updated print copy of the FBLA-Middle Level Chapter Management Handbook (CMH) each fall, with access to resources that include:

  • FBLA-Middle Level Chapter Management Handbook CMH CoverAbout FBLA-Middle Level—Explore FBLA-Middle Level's membership programs, conferences, history, and mission.

  • Building a Chapter—Run efficient meetings, create a chapter Program of Work, and find supplement FBLA-Middle Level adviser resources.

  • Recruitment—Utilize FBLA-Middle Level's recruitment and retention resources to grow your chapter.

  • Fundraising—Discover sources of funding for travel and chapter operations with FBLA-Middle Level fundraising programs and partners.

  • Bylaws—FBLA-Middle Level's national bylaws.

  • Competitive Recognition—Help your FBLA-Middle Level members choose and prepare for academic events that give them a foundation in career exploration and business skills development.

  • Supplemental Resources—Find the documents and resources you need to run your FBLA-Middle Level chapter.

  • MarketPlace—purchase official FBLA-Middle Level apparel and publications. 

Download the latest version of the FBLA-Middle Level Chapter Management Handbook (CMH).